Warranty Descriptions
Standard Warranty:
Ricoh printers and multifunctional printers purchased through the IT distribution channel are provided with a one-year standard warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. The method of warranty service varies depending on the device purchased. For information regarding the method of service that will apply to the device you are considering for purchase, please contact your Ricoh Channel Account Manager. Warranty service is best facilitated by product registration. Product registration may be accomplished online (http://www.ricoh-usa.com/support/ warranty_registration.aspx) or by fax or mail via the warranty registration card in the device box. Failure to register in a timely manner may result in the need to provide proof-of-purchase to obtain warranty services. User replaceable consumables and parts (example: toner cartridges, photoconductor units, etc.) are warranted for a period of either ninety days or one year (depending on product line) from the date of purchase unless otherwise defined.
Methods of Service:
On-Site: A Ricoh Service Representative will be dispatched to perform on-site service during the warranty period if initial diagnosis and resolution efforts by Ricoh Support fail to resolve the issue.
Advanced Exchange: For those products that offer Advance Exchange as a Standard Warranty, Ricoh Support will attempt to diagnose and resolve technical defects via telephone. If Ricoh Support determines that the repair cannot be accomplished over the telephone, a like replacement product will be shipped at no charge within 24 hours. The original unit must be returned in accordance with the instructions provided inside the replacement product carton.
Installation and Activation: Customers may purchase an Installation and Activation Package to receive support from a Ricoh Service Representative. The Installation and Activation Package includes basic product installation and connection to the network for one server and two workstations. Connections to additional servers and/or workstations will be billed on a time and material basis.
Technologies:-> Extended Warranty Package:
Extended warranties that can add up to three years coverage to your standard warranty are available for purchase. Extended warranties help protect your investment and assure you that the Ricoh Support and Service Representatives will be available to you for multiple years. Additionally, for those devices that provide Advanced Exchange as their standard warranty offering, upgrades to On-Site Service are also available depending on device. Customers can purchase an extended warranty within the original warranty period (one year of purchase) of printer and multifunctional printer purchases (proof of purchase required). Extended warranties are available in California, Virginia and Florida commercially. The additional protection options are available as follows:
On-Site Extended Warranty Package:
Offers an additional 1, 2 or 3 years term of limited warranty protection
Advanced Exchange Extended Warranty Package:
Offers an additional 1 or 2 years term of limited warranty protection
Advanced Exchange Upgrade Package:
Offers an upgrade from Advanced Exchange to an On-Site Warranty
Ricoh Support: 1-800-RICOH-38
Ricoh Support (800-Ricoh-38) is a dedicated support center for customers seeking warranty support for devices purchased through the IT distribution channel. The Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ricoh will assist the caller and will validate support entitlement by serial number for devices requiring Advanced Exchange or On-Site service. Additionally, frequently asked questions are available online at http://www.ricoh-usa.com/support/knowledge_base.aspx